The perfect day for 'Mindfulness' and 'Foraging'.............

This spell of nice weather and the need to slow down for a few days has led me to roll up my sleeves and don my comfy shoes to explore the garden today. It’s amazing how much time you can loose just watching butterflies, dragonflies and a whole host of flying insects move around the garden. Practicing mindfulness in the garden is just what I needed and the bonus was a huge amount of foraged seed heads and grasses perfect for upcoming projects. I feel so inspired after our workshop with Caroline Hyde-Brown that i just couldn’t resist collecting a whole host of seed heads and grasses ready for my next picture.

I started to think about the act of foraging and what it actually meant, the origins of the word comes from the name given to plants or parts of plants eaten by livestock - cows, horses, sheep, goats and wildlife but now, the popular past time of searching widely for food or provisions from the world around you has given it a much wider meaning. True to the name a hoard of apples, blackberries and seed heads are now sitting in the kitchen and I’m feeling rested and inspired.